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Over 400 Individual 
Award-Winning K–12 Courses

EdOptions offers a wide variety of courses to fit student's unique goals and interests including world languages, career based electives and and AP® courses. Our flexible, easy-to-use courses include engaging activities designed to meet the needs of all learners.

Unsurpassed Support from Certified Teachers

EdOptions is here to support you and your student every step of the way. Our teachers are available via phone, text, and video conference. EdOptions teachers are committed to building relationships with students and identifying their unique 
learning styles.

A History of Virtual 
Learning Excellence

EdOptions Academy has been providing students with personalized distance and virtual learning since 1998. Trusted and recognized by school districts in all 50 states, EdOptions courses are accredited by Cognia and meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

Students Love Learning with EdOptions Academy

“I was actually homeschooled before I came [to EdOptions Academy]. . . . I think it’s easier to do school [with EdOptions] because of all the help that is available to me. I can call any teacher; they’re there to help me out.”

Aidan, 11th Grader

Riley, 11th Grader

“My favorite thing about taking [EdOptions] virtual courses is working at my own pace. The pace bar really helps me stay on track in my classes, and I try to get ahead when I can. I text my teachers on a daily basis when I need help with some material.” 

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** Students under the age of 13: Please have a parent or guardian complete the form for you.

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Accredited By Cognia, formerly AdvancED
Courses accepted by NCAA for student-athletes

EdOptions Academy enables students to achieve their full potential with our trusted, engaging curriculum, along with the tools and support you and your student need for a successful, personalized virtual learning experience to prepare for college, career, and beyond. 

Flexible, personalized online academy 
for students in grades K–12

Courses accepted by NCAA for student-athletes
Accredited By Cognia, formerly AdvancED

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