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If your path to graduation isn’t traditional, that’s ok. GlobalEd is with you every step of the way.

GlobalEd Solutions offers tuition-free online blended learning programs for grades 6-12.

We pair highly qualified, state-certified online teachers and experienced life coaches to open a world of opportunity to help support your graduation success. 

High quality, Colorado certified teachers experienced in online instruction
Flexible learning options anytime, anywhere with the option to stop and start as needed
Enrichment Life Coach Teachers to advocate and support student success in life and academic growth

"I dropped out of Canon City High School due to bullying I have struggled with on a daily basis. I found an online based school which had great support and mentors and all the staff was extremely supportive..."

Get the skills you need for credentialed certifications like Certified Nursing Assistant, IT professional, and more! 

Courses Match Your Interests
High Quality, Caring Teachers
Engaging Life Coaches

Courses Match Your Interests

Engaging Life Coaches

High Quality, Caring Teachers

Our extensive course variety fits all interests with stringent quality assurance steps and open-ended partnerships with nationally recognized independent organizations, including Academic Benchmarks, Quality Matters, and NCAA.

Teachers experienced in online instruction connect learning to real-life experiences. Teachers build rapport with students through a variety of media and are continually monitoring progress and providing feedback to ensure you are on pace.

The life of a student is often a busy one where multiple courses, assignments, activities, jobs, and life commitments compete for time. Life coaches help you solve problems, practice time management, develop study skills.

Preparation for the Workforce

Nursing Assistant Career Path

Technology Career Path

Uncover your passion in preparation for workforce training programs. Career Academies of America strives to enhance learning and uncover your passion. Our curriculum covers a depth of content that provides pathways toward job readiness and career certification.

Our emphasis on the health sciences introduces students to careers that include diagnostic, therapeutic and support services. This path will help prepare students for the NNAAP exams and a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA.

Our IT curriculum introduces students to careers in Information Technology including the design, support and management of computer hardware and software. This path will help students prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam and entry into this exciting field.

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Tuition-Free Statewide Public School | Online Blended Learning

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