Offering nationally-accredited, personalized 
virtual education tailored to the needs of each student.

Tuition-free Virtual Learning  •  Grades K–12

Enlighten. Engage. Empower. ONLINE!

JEFCOED's virtual academy (JCVAL) offers students:

Over 400 engaging, award-winning courses that include core subject areas, world languages, AP® and college and career readiness.

Flexiblity to learn anytime, anywhere.

Individualized instruction from highly qualified teachers who are experienced in guiding and helping students stay engaged and learn successfully in a virtual environment.

Jefferson County Virtual Academy of Learning (JCVAL) is a supportive virtual option that allows K–12 students to learn at home without sacrificing the quality of their education. This online program offers students high-quality individualized learning, exemplary instruction, and regular interaction with caring online instructors.

Nationally-Accredited  •  Free to Alabama Families

High Quality, Caring Teachers
Engaging Life Coaches

1:1 support from 
certified teachers

Personalized curriculum options for every student

Whatever level of instruction your student requires, we’re prepared to provide it. Students will begin their virtual learning right where they left off and have flexibility in following their educational path, ensuring that they have the opportunity to meet their full potential and excel.

Regular interaction with supportive certified instructors who have years of virtual experience ensures students get the support they need throughout their learning experience. Certified teachers are available by phone, email and video conference.

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Accredited By Cognia, formerly AdvancED
Courses accepted by NCAA for student-athletes

Jefferson County Schools is excited to offer students a quality virtual learning option that reflects the same commitment to rigorous learning for all through engaging, innovative instruction,  and meaningful community and family collaboration focused on student success. We strive to enlighten, engage, and empower!

Our online academy offers students  a flexible schedule and a wide range of courses. Our extensive catalog includes advanced courses, honors, world languages, and electives, such as digital photography and psychology.

Engaging Life Coaches

Flexible course options to 
fit your needs and interests

Tuition-free online learning that engages and supports students at all levels of learning.