Offering nationally-accredited, personalized education 
tailored to the needs of each student and their families, 
with full access to top-notch educational resources.

Statewide Tuition-free Virtual School • Grades 5–12

A Unique Approach to Learning

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Our eSchool Prep program provides a high-quality education and offers students:

Over 300 engaging, award-winning courses that include core subject areas, world languages, AP,® and college and career readiness.

Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.

Individualized instruction by highly qualified teachers with tutorials and supplemental learning aids to assist each student in meeting their goals.

At TEXAS Virtual Schools' eSchool Prep, we care deeply about your child’s success. While other virtual schools are just another school-in-a-box, we customize virtual education for your child’s specific and individual needs.

Nationally Accredited, Free to Texas Families

High Quality Instruction Anytime, Anywhere 

Courses Match Your Interests
High Quality, Caring Teachers
Engaging Life Coaches

Advanced Placement (AP)®, Early College and NCAA-approved courses

1:1 support from certified teachers

Personalized curriculum options for every student

Students enrolled in TEXAS Virtual Schools have the option to earn college credit through Advanced Placement programs and Early College courses, preparing them for the next level of their education.

Whatever level of instruction your student requires, we’re prepared to provide it. Students from grades 5 to high school will have flexibility in following their educational path, ensuring that they have the opportunity to meet their full potential and excel beyond their peers in traditional schools.

TEXAS Virtual teachers meet you where you are, at whatever time works best for you. Regular interaction with certified instructors who have years of virtual experience ensures your students get the support they need from placement to graduation.

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Full-Time Statewide Tuition-Free Virtual School
Serving students in  grades 5 –12

eSchool Prep at TEXAS Virtual Schools works closely with you to achieve your learning goals.

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** Students under the age of 13: Please have a parent or guardian complete the form for you.


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Accredited By Cognia, formerly AdvancED
Courses accepted by NCAA for student-athletes

eSchool Prep at TEXAS Virtual Schools lays the foundation for each student to succeed in college, career and life by providing caring and supportive teachers who deliver high-quality, and engaging learning for students and their families.